You lost me at “Hello”!

                                                    Hello? 🙁 or Hello! 🙂


You lost me at “Hello”

It was Renée Zellweger, who delivered the famous “you had me at hello” line in the film Jerry Maguire.

The reason Jerry won out wasn’t just the words in the script it was the passion with which those words were delivered and its the same for customers.
If their interaction with an employee whether on the phone or face to face is positive you’ve got them, but if in those first few seconds of interaction the employee lacks conviction it can be just as easy to loose them at ‘hello” too.

Its all about the passion.

Smart managers know that you can have all the high tech gismos in the world but if the carbon based life form at the end of the process is unmotivated, stressed or feeling drained when they answer a call the customer knows it. All the expensive technology becomes instantly worthless.

“I’m going to underperform today!”…said no employee, ever.

Lets face it, no one comes into work and says “I’m going to underperform today!” most employees want to do a good job. As managers we’ve all heard the cry “People are your most important asset” and so know that we should be investing in them and yet many companies are still neglecting in this fundamental truth.

It’s all a bit too touchy feely!

If there was a new piece of software or technology that could improve employee performance by up to *48% most managers would buy it without question, but if it involves investing directly in the employee it can still be perceived as a bit touchy feely… “it can’t have any real impact on performance …can it?”

Is there anybody there?

No need to hold a séance just yet but many employees will be IN work but not AT work, not truly present, they come in, ‘sit out’ their shift and then go home. For many, their presence and performance is often restricted by the very nature of the job. Commonly employees feel undervalued stressed or are just physically aching and tired.

Creating a culture where employees can thrive.
We know that the two biggest reasons for sickness absence and underperformance are stress and muscular skeletal problems. By investing directly in your employees with wellbeing and engagement programmes that proactively reduce aches and pains and stress we can restore employee energy levels and boost employee performance.

Creating a culture where employees feel energised, valued and motivated allows them thrive and perform their best game, and that’s when you not only have the employee at hello, you will have the customer too.

*national wellbeing survey