The Christmas Gift That’s Got Me Hooked!

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I must confess, when I unwrapped one of my Christmas presents to see a colouring book I thought my mother had lost the plot!

Turns out that colouring books for grown ups are all the rage as a stress reducer for adults, and having sat down and made a start I must confess I’m a colouring convert!


It’s not about the Colouring!

Of course it’s not really about the colouring despite all my efforts to stay within the lines!
What I’ve realised is that I’m addicted to the calm not the colouring.

It relaxes the amygdala, commonly known as the the fear centre of the brain, so it allows your mind to ‘stand down’ and get some well needed rest, even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Hit the Refresh Button

Any activity that allows you to relax and change focus even for just a few minutes can have an enormous impact on the rest of your day.
It calms the mind and after a long day sitting at a computer screen it gives you something to help you switch off and reduce our workplace stress.

Quieting the Brain Chatter

I can’t remember that last time I sat down and did something so completely mindless, no need to think, no brain required (in a good way!) and yet so totally absorbing. Taking even just short break quietens my ‘brain chatter’ and after just 10 minutes I feel refreshed and ready to crack on with the rest of my day.
It’s no wonder this simple pastime has become such a growing craze any short break from our busy lives can have an enormous impact on our stress levels and productivity. While 10 mins of colouring is never going to replace the stress reducing and calm inducing benefits of a 10 min workplace massage it’s a great start.                                                                                                                                                                                               If we can improve our day and be more productive by sharpening our minds while sharpening our pencils, then that for me it’s, quite literally a no brainer.


#TakeTen minutes out on us…

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