Serious & Curious?

Serious and Curious managers required for a 3-Month Workplace Massage Pilot Programme starting this Autumn.

If you’re serious about creating a company culture with employee engagement and wellbeing at its heart, then you are probably curious to hear about reward and wellness programmes that are simple to implement and deliver on their promised results.

Finding the right combination of elements can be a minefield with so many different options available, and getting the right mix is way too important to trust to luck. Sometimes we can be frozen into inaction, or we try to make it easy and go for the low hanging fruit (quite literally in some cases!) such as free fruit or pizza…but how do you measure the impact of a banana, and has anyone ever truly gone the extra mile for a thin and crispy margherita? Seriously though, how do you know which rewards are having the most positive impact, and giving you the most bang for the bucks in your hard-fought budget?

We figured that working with reward programme that not only offers measurable results, but allows you to compare your results against national figures would be a great start. Add to that the unique oportunity to try the service for 3 months, and a full evaluation day worth £720 included free of charge would fit the bill.

Curious to discover why 96% of employees say that our workplace massage is their “most valued reward”?

The two biggest wellbeing challenges employees face on a daily basis are stress and muscular skeletal problems: such as RSI, back and neck pain, headaches, etc. Our ergonomically focused massages not only counteract the effects of these, but are also seen as a luxury reward by employees. The massages reduce sickness absence, increase employee engagement, and creates a resilient workforce fit for the 21st century.

The pilot programme has been developed for you and your team. It enables your employees to experience and feed back on the service, while allowing you the peace of mind our no risk approach offers.

So how does it all work?

Sign up before 31st August 2018 and your pilot will start in September and run until the end of November.

Your pilot will include the free evaluation day with report, and you can book as many or as few sessions each month as you like. There’s no commitment past November, so no long contracts, and it comes with our usual money-back pledge so it’s 100% risk-free! The programme is suitable for any size company, anywhere in the country.

If you want to carry on after the pilot, we’ll give you December free of charge, so Christmas is on us…employee rewards sorted!

If you’re curious to find out more

Contact us on or call 08454 681068 and one of our team will be glad to help.