We know your job can be challenging at times so our massages have been developed to counteract this by reducing your stress levels and relieving your muscular aches and pains.


Our exclusive massage challenges many of the rules governing more traditional workplace massage.
It has been developed to energise and invigorate individuals to make you ready for the rest of your day… and the best bit is it’s FREE!


Thinking of having one of our massages?

We understand you might have some questions about the massage and what to expect on the day.  So check out the information below and we will do our best to debunk the myths:

  • Firstly no it won’t make you feel sleepy! The massage will not make you feel sleepy as techniques we use are designed to energise you so it should leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.
  • Secondly no one will have to take their top off! (We always get asked this!) The massage is given over your clothing although it would be helpful if you could remove any bulky jumpers or big pieces of jewellery in advance.
  • The treatment is given at your desk and in your own chair, we don’t use any messy oils and it won’t mess up your
    hair either!
  • The therapist will have a list of names and work her way around everyone throughout the day.
  • We don’t use appointment times as you may be busy with a customer so the therapist will move on to the next person and come back to you when you’re free. This means you don’t need to worry about missing your turn!
  • If you have any special time constraints, meetings etc or will be finishing your shift early please let the therapist know and they will ensure you have your massage in time.
  • The treatment is 15 minutes long and will concentrate on the upper back, neck, shoulders and head it is designed to make you feel energised and revived, less stressed and will relax any muscular tension you may have…it won’t send you off to sleep!
  • You will need to read and sign a brief consultation form but these are general questions to get an overall picture of your health and ensure that we can proceed.
  • MOST PEOPLE CAN HAVE THIS TREATMENT so even if you do have some health problems this doesn’t mean you can’t have the massage but you must let the therapist know.

If we haven’t covered your question here please let us know, we would be happy to answer them for you.

and if we have …..get booking  contact the name on the poster to book your FREE massage