Therapy Benefits

Therapy Solutions Call Centre Specialists

How workplace massage benefits your staff and your company.
In an industry with a high turnover rate of staff and conservative estimates
running at £2000 per head to recruit and train, retaining talented agents
is becoming harder than ever. This is not helped by the media driven
sweatshop image.

Tackling stress in the workplace is a constant battle that many managers
face on a daily basis. Call centres by their very nature are demanding
environments where agents are constantly monitored. Every year millions
of working days are lost due to stress. It is estimated that 2 out of 3 medical
consultations involve stress-related conditions.

While free parking and subsidised lunches still have their place Therapy
Solutions offers you the chance to introduce a more personalised ‘perk’.
Showing your staff that you care about their health and happiness fosters
company loyalty like nothing else… and it’s cheaper than installing a gym!

How our bodies reacts to stress

Understanding how our bodies react when under stress is vital in combating
its negative effects in the workplace, for example, our ability to concentrate,
muscular tension, backache, stiff neck, shoulders, and eyestrain. It can
disrupts our immune system resulting in a poor resistance to infection and
cause tension headaches and migraine