Choosing The Right Christmas Reward – A Managers Checklist


  Choosing a reward that will please all your employees can be challenging, so we’ve put together a quick checklist for you to make choosing a reward simple and stress free

Getting it wrong can not only be a waste of your hard-earned budget, it can also end up being demotivating for your team.

1.Don’t leave booking until the last minute

It sounds obvious but the closer Christmas gets, inevitably the busier you will become and the less time you’ll have to do thorough research. The most popular rewards always book up quickly leaving limited availability so be first in the queue. You’ll be able to relax and have the peace of mind to enjoy the build up to the festive season knowing everything is in hand, not running around like a headless turkey

2. Cash isn’t always King

It’s great for a bonus, but never works as a reward

3. Gifts Vs. experiences

Everyone likes a gift but giving them a great experience wins hands down every time. It has a lasting impact, because everyone remembers how you made them feel.

4. Wow them!

Make it memorable. Surprise them with something unexpected and fun, give them a great experience they’ll still be talking about in the New Year. Christmas is about having a real treat, so make it something that will they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.

5. Be consistent

Keep it in line with your overall company rewards or wellbeing programme, culture and values. Book something that doesn’t contradict your overall strategy. If you’ve been running a healthy eating campaign all year don’t book pizza and beer!

6. Use a specialist provider

This will ensure that everything is delivered to a professional standard without cutting corners. Choose a ‘done for you’ package; it’s important from a team building and morale point of view that you’re free to join in with the fun on the day. Bringing in a specialist provider will mean you won’t be tied up dealing with all the all the organisational details on the day, you’ll be able to kick back with everyone else and enjoy the day.

7. Suitable for all

Ensure it can be enjoyed by all of your employees regardless of any restrictions e.g. disability or religion.

8. Non disruptive

Pick something that’s not going to disrupt your company’s normal day to day functions – business as usual but with a twist!


Check the list to make sure your employees get the reward they truly deserve