Kick start the year and banish the January blues!



We all know that January is a depressing month

but recent research has chosen the third Monday of January (which this year falls on the 20th) as the most depressing day of the year. More importantly for managers it also has the lowest morale levels and highest sickness absence causing staffing headaches in call centres up and down the UK.

This month we will uncover the best ways to beat the January blues and hear from the Admiral Group to find out what they do to boost morale and energy levels at their award winning contact centres.

Beating the January Blues

Once the tinsel is packed away and the Christmas festivities are a distant memory the January dip kicks in. Motivating and engaging staff can be especially challenging, with the whole country in the grip of the winter blues. With a combination of dark nights, cold winter weather, Christmas credit card bills and failed new year’s resolutions its little wonder employees can feel a little down in the dumps.

Recognising the energy drain

Staff can feel unusually tired, moody, stressed, unfit, achy and in some cases downright irritable. Not the best qualities to have when you are answering calls (often made by customers who are feeling exactly the same!) Combine this with working in artificial lighting, air conditioning systems and seasonally affected disorder (SAD) and you have employees who feel disengaged, unmotivated and generally worn -out.

Boost Performance

This has a big impact on employee performance so take some simple steps to boost energy levels and morale. By generating a positive and optimistic atmosphere in the workplace employees will develop positive and optimistic attitudes and it is ultimately attitude that drives performance and engagement.