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Serious & Curious?

Serious and Curious managers required for a 3-Month Workplace Massage Pilot Programme starting this Autumn. If you’re serious about creating a company culture with employee engagement and wellbeing at its heart, then you are probably curious to hear about reward and wellness programmes that are simple to implement and deliver on their promised results. Finding […]

You lost me at “Hello”!

  You lost me at “Hello” It was Renée Zellweger, who delivered the famous “you had me at hello” line in the film Jerry Maguire. The reason Jerry won out wasn’t just the words in the script it was the passion with which those words were delivered and its the same for customers. If their […]

What Colour is your workplace today? – The Blue Monday Challenge!

Today is designated Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year but the reality is that for many workplaces across the country the ‘colour’ employees feel in work today or any other day is set more by the company’s culture and environment than external influences. The good news is that it can be changed, so […]

Choosing The Right Christmas Reward – A Managers Checklist

    Choosing a reward that will please all your employees can be challenging, so we’ve put together a quick checklist for you to make choosing a reward simple and stress free Getting it wrong can not only be a waste of your hard-earned budget, it can also end up being demotivating for your team. […]

World Mental Health Awareness Day 2017

    The response to this year’s World Mental Health Day from companies shows the great changes there have been in the attitude towards mental health in the workplace. With the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge speaking out, it’s now becoming mainstream, and rapidly losing its taboo status. Millions of employees are […]

5 cool tips for hot workers

With record-breaking temperatures this week, we’ve put together some cool tips for your staff to keep your workplace a hot head free zone this summer. The top 5 cooling tips for hot workers Our usual indicator of how hot we are is perspiration, but in very hot weather this trigger isn’t always reliable. The perspiration […]

What’s Olympic Rowing Got To Do With Team Building?

What’s rowing a boat got to do with team building and motivation? I was recently lucky enough to hear Olympian Ben Hunt Davies speak on how his team of 8 men became Olympic rowing gold medal winners by repeatedly asking themselves a simple question… “will it make the boat go faster?” by adopting the focus […]