We’ve all gone a bit Rio!

The Power of Strong Teams Are Your Employees  Usain or Trevor?

The Power of Strong Teams
Are Your Employees Usain or Trevor?

We’ve all gone a bit Rio!

The power of the team mind set is everywhere at the moment. Team GB are busy rocking it in Rio with the medal tally increasing daily. So what can we learn as managers from our Olympians about what it takes to build a gold medal winning teams?

Are they Usain or Trevor?
Are your team members like Usain Bolt or Trevor ‘The Tortoise’ Misapeka? (google him!) Even with the most effective training programmes, scheduling, state of the art technology and more systems and processes than you can shake a javelin at, we are constantly being challenged to improve and become more effective.

One of the main areas where there is still leverage to be had is all too often overlooked; It’s the carbon based aspect of the process that drives it all…the employee! A strong team is one of the most powerful tools a manager has at their disposal.

Companies typically lose 40% of employee performance to stress, low morale, muscular skeletal problems (back pain, RSI etc) and headaches.* These elements will drain even the most willing employee and have a dramatic impact on performance levels. Companies need set and measure wellbeing and engagement KPI’s if they want employees to be delivering gold medal winning performances.

* Data provided from our national wellbeing & engagement surveys