The Accidental April Fool


April Fool Massage?

Creating Happy healthy and Engaged Employees is no joke!

Creating Happy healthy and Engaged Employees is no joke!

One of our new clients has inadvertently come up with a great April Fool’s prank without even trying!

I called them yesterday to check everything was in place for their first ever workplace massage day but

the manager he was having difficulty trying to convince his staff that it really was happening.

Creating happy healthy staff is no Joke

Without realising, it had been booked for the 1st April…they were all convinced it was an April fool’s joke.

“Too good to be true”

Staff said it all sounded “too good to be true” and didn’t believe him! I can’t wait to see the look on their faces

when our therapist walks out on the floor and they all see it is really happening! Because being happy and well

rewarded in work and realising that as an employee you are truly valued is one of the best feelings in the world. 

Employee engagement… it’s no joke!

Having healthy, happy and engaged employees is no joke when the alternative is poor morale and high sickness absence.

With the impact that employee engagement has on a business’s bottom line there is no doubt that the real April Fools

are the managers who don’t prioritise their employees wellbeing.


So, Congratulations to all the management at Midland HR for creating the best accidental April Fool’s Day treat

and to all their happy staff having their lovely massages today…Enjoy!